Baby Basics, Inc. is a non-profit, 100% volunteer organization that provides and distributes free diapers to babies of the working/near poor in the communities of South Boston, MA and Needham/Dedham, MA. We have provided well over 1,000,000 diapers to over 1,000 children in South Boston and are now serving Needham and Dedham. We are currently providing free diapers to 85 families.

We believe that early intervention with infants is one of the best ways to maximize their potential to thrive. We recognize that diapers are a constant, expensive necessity. By providing these children with diapers, we are ensuring that the need for hygienic essentials, from birth to age three, is met.

We serve families who are working and struggling to make ends meet. They are not receiving any state or government cash assistance. We not only provide diapers, which are not being provided anywhere else in the area on a regular basis, we also provide a supportive atmosphere and community for these families who are working hard. This is our kindness.

100% of revenue generated by donations is applied to purchase diapers. Administrative costs are underwritten by donations earmarked as such.


Diaper facts

Babies who stay in diapers too long are more prone to get diaper rash.

The difference we make to our families

Our families say use the money they save on diapers to buy fresh fruit & vegetables and pay their electric/heating bills.

Why I support Baby Basics

“We support Baby Basics because we like that it is a volunteer organization with no overhead costs. Every dollar we give goes directly to diapers.”
– Burt Coyne